Arena is dream come true


To the Editor:M

Hockey players, figure skaters and various other members of the skating community have wanted a refrigerated ice rink for so many years I can't remember. We have pushed and pushed for a new building and refrigerated ice. We finally have it!

A few years in the future we plan to have many, many hockey tournaments. People will have to spend the night and use Craig's hotels. They probably will eat at Craig restaurants. I'm sure hockey players will need much more than that. Down the road the ice arena will benefit the entire City of Craig.

Most people don't know but we have a roller hockey surface. In the summer when there is nothing else to do, we can go to the roller rink and have some fun. I always hear "there's nothing to do in Craig." This just makes one more place for kids to hang out without getting in trouble with the police. This is more than a hockey/ice skating/roller rink. This is a multipurpose arena.

In the many years I have played hockey, we have never gone through the season without having the ice melt halfway through the season. We went all the way through the season without losing our ice once. It helped us immensely this season.

We made another first this season. In past years we had never won first place in the league tournment. In fact, last year we had to run around the parking lot for our practice when we lost our ice. This year was different. Since we never lost our ice we could always skate. Amazingly enough we won first place. I felt like the king of the world. I know for a fact the rest of my team did too!

My dream has come true. We got refrigerated ice and a new building.

I want to thank the city of Craig and all the people who helped get the funds for the ice rink and helped build the ice rink.

I also thank the people that maintain the ice rink.

Thank you.

Nick Goodenow

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