County considers dredging pond at golf course

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Officials with the Yampa Valley Golf Course are trying to set up a deal with Moffat County. The deal could get a pond at the course dredged.

Chuck Cobb, golf professional at the Yampa Valley Golf Course, went before the Moffat County Board of Commissioners and requested help in dredging out one of the ponds at the course.

Cobb has received bids on the project and found it will cost anywhere between $63,000 and $163,000.

The cost of the project encouraged Cobb to go to the county and set up an agreement where both sides benefit.

Even though the golf course is on county property, he thought if the county needed gravel for future projects, both sides would benefit if the gravel in the ponds was used. The amount of gravel expected to be provided by dredging is between 25,000 and 30,000 cubic yards.

Under Cobb's proposed agreement, the county will receive all of the gravel they extract from the bottom of the ponds. The Yampa Valley Golf Association could also pay the county a fee for the dredging.

The commissioners said the agreement has the potential to be a beneficial deal for both sides, since gravel is needed behind the bucking shoots at the Moffat County Fairgrounds.

Moffat County Commissioner T. Wright Dickinson thought the proposition was strange since the gravel is already county owned.

"How much is the golf association willing to pay us to mine our own gravel?" said Dickinson.

According to Dennis Jones, Road and Bridge Department supervisor, some research still needs to be done before they go ahead with the project.

"We have to make sure the permit from the Mine Reclamation Board allows us to haul the gravel to a different site," said Jones.

Jones will also have to determine if the county can do the job with the equipment they have and make sure the project is financial feasible.

If it takes place, this won't be the first time that the ponds have been enlarged. A pond was dredged a couple of years ago.

The pond that needs dredging now is off hole number six. Cobb wants the pond to be 15 feet deep.

The enlargement serves two purposes. It allows more water storage for watering the course and it keeps unwanted vegetation from growing along the edges. Silt builds up from vegetation, limiting the water reserves.

If the project is finalized, they will do the work in January when the water level is at its lowest and the ground is frozen, making it easier to work on.

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