Board says OK to $252,544

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A shiny new red fire truck is the gift of every boy's dream and the Craig Fire/Rescue got its wish. A new truck will be arriving in Craig on Sunday if the lease agreement is finalized.

Fire Chief Roy Mason discussed the purchase at the Craig Rural Fire Protection District Board meeting Thursday.

Mason and firefighters Chris Nichols and Doug Slate will pick up the truck at the American La France shop in Casper, Wyo., this weekend if the lease agreement with Mercedes, the owners of American La France, meets the approval of Craig Rural Fire Protection District attorney Rod Peck. They will be driving to Casper in Engine 3, the truck they are trading for the new truck.

The truck will cost $252,544. It will serve as a rescue truck for responding to extraction calls at car accidents. It will also have the ability to fight fire with a foam compression system.

Members of Craig Fire/Rescue will have the extraction equipment mounted on the truck at the shop in Casper.

The District will not be without extraction equipment over the weekend because an older set of equipment will remain in Craig before it is delivered to a buyer later.

Mason is excited about receiving the truck.

"Based on my inspections of the truck in the past, it is going to be a nice truck," said Mason. "It's almost scary how fast it goes."

Also waiting for approval from Peck is a mutual agreement between the district and the Moffat County Sheriff's Department.

If approved, the Craig Fire/Rescue will aid the Sheriff's Department with wildfires in Moffat County.

Under the agreement, the fire department will respond, if requested, to fires with no charge for the first four hours of firefighting. After the first four hours, it will cost the county $75 per hour for brush trucks and tankers and $150 per hour for Class A structure protection engines.

Mason was concerned that Sheriff Buddy Grinstead would take advantage of the department's resources.

"I hope that Buddy doesn't use us for all the little fires," said Mason. "It's just a concern."

Mason wants Peck to review the agreement to make sure the department isn't being taken advantage of and isn't liable if they don't have the resources to respond. Grinstead has already taken the agreement to County Attorney Tom Thornberry.

At the meeting, Mason also brought up a legal concern dealing with the fire code, or lack there of.

Mason said he has been contacted by the groups constructing the Moffat County Public Safety Center regarding what is needed for the building to be up to fire code.

Mason has researched what fire protection measures need to be installed, but since there is no uniform fire code in the county, he isn't sure what his role is in the decision. He wants to make sure he isn't liable in the county for not enforcing some kind of code. He said he has received calls in the past complaining of individuals who store large amounts of gasoline or practice other potentially hazardous situations.

"I have no teeth to enforce this," said Mason. "I just want to make sure that I'm not hanging myself out liability wise."

The board and those in attendance concluded that the city of Craig is most likely responsible for enforcing a fire code.

Bill Johnston, Craig Fire/Rescue member and City Council member, said the city refuses to do anything about it.

"I have brought it up before," said Johnston. "Nobody at the city deems it important."

The board wants Peck to research fire codes and make sure Mason isn't statutorily required to enforce a fire code.

In business less serious in nature, Mason said firefighters want the board to pay for the annual firefighter's picnic on the Fourth of July.

The reasoning was that most companies pay for a Christmas dinner and a picnic in the summer for their employees.

Currently, the board pays for the Christmas dinner but the firefighters themselves pay for the picnic.

The picnic costs between $400 and $700, depending on whether it is catered.

The board agreed to pay for the picnic starting next year. It will be added into the budget.

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