Sea Sharks hunger for final win of season


The season is over for most, but for the rest, it is just beginning.

For the next three days, a small group of special-finned Sea Sharks, Craig's summer club swimmers, will compete in Montrose at the Western Slope Championships.

The Sharks are bringing a team of 25 members to compete in the event which invites the best swimmers from all over the state.

"We're shooting for the fastest times that we can get," said Sea Sharks coach Jim Vorhies. "We're going to be competing against some very competitive teams, but I think we'll do all right."

The competition will be high because this is a championship meet, but it will be even higher because clubs that swim all year round will be present. The Sea Sharks program is only seasonal, averaging 10-12 weeks of swimming.

Although his swimmers haven't had as much time in the water, Vorhies believes that his kids are not wet behind the ears.

"We've really broken down the stroke at this point and made sure the kids have it perfect," said Vorhies. "We've also worked on a lot of the little things, turns, starts, finishes. I think they'll be ready."

Vorhies has structured his practices around interval training in the last two weeks. This is where swimmers go hard, have a short rest, and then go hard again.

The training works the cardiovascular system and allows swimmers to excel in the sprints.

"This and the next meet are the pinnacles of the season," said Vorhies. "We've been aiming at this since the beginning. Once again, I think we'll do well."

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