They are on schedule and on budget.


They are on schedule and on budget.

Programs offered by the Colorado Northwestern Community College in Craig (CNCC-Craig) are utilizing The Center of Craig.

"It is going great," CNCC-Craig Vice President Dean Hollenbeck said of the college's progress. "It is going to be a great facility for us and the community."

CNCC received the go-ahead to move into The Center of Craig May 1. Since then, programs such as the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) have become fully operational. The SBDC opened in The Center in early June.

Along with the SBDC, CNCC also invested $22,000 in new computer equipment. Hollenbeck said the computers will be for use by everyone. A microwave link will connect the computers in the lab at The Center of Craig to the labs in the Bell Tower building.

"We are real excited about the new computers," Hollenbeck said. Along with the philosophy of the college, "we are making everything accessible to everyone."

Hollenbeck said CNCC will begin to hold classes in The Center of Craig beginning this fall.

Many components have come together to ready the building for students and community members. According to Hollenbeck, it took all organizations to help make CNCC's classes "conducive to good learning."

Construction is done, Hollenbeck said, and the "community will get a lot of use out of it."

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