Knowledge master team places third in state


"Hiccups involve the larynx and ______?"

"Brine shrimp and algae are the only living organisms in what body of water?"

"In which city can you find a rock with the date 1620 chiseled into it?"

Sixth-graders from Craig Intermediate School (CIS) faced questions such as these and answered many right, as they placed third in Colorado during the Winter 2000 Knowledge Master Open held last week.

The CIS team ranked 160 among 400 teams in the United States. With schools of comparable enrollments, they placed 57 out of 167.

Led by academic coach and CIS instructor of reading and language arts Mary Blakeman, the team of 30 competed on Jan. 19 and scored 619 points out of 1,000 possible points while correctly answering 85 of 100 questions.

"The team did real well. They faced some real hard questions and I am pleased with their effort," Blakeman said.

Knowledge Master competitions are designed to stimulate the enthusiasm for learning and recognition for academic accomplishment. Questions were answered on computers.

Team members concurred the competition was difficult, but was a positive experience.

"At times we did good, then we would miss a couple and then get more right," team member Bobby Jorgenson said. "Overall we did good. I thought personally that it was pretty tough, but fun."

"Fun" was an assessment of the tournament shared by team members.

"I had fun, but it gave me Jello-brain," Katie Zwernik said.

"It is a very challenging activity for the mind," Jordan Bailey said.

This was the final Knowledge Master tournament of the year for the sixth-grade team. The CIS fifth-grade team will compete in March.

Team members from CIS include Anna Herring, Kayla Hoefer, Ricardo Pinedo, Bryon Smith, Brittany Goss, Brittany Rummel, Laurel Luke, Hannah Miller, Jenna Cook, Karli Bockelman, Brandon Whitaker, Kyle Wilson, Michelle Workman, Josh Chase, Emily Sharpe, Joe Muldoon, Kayce Tidwell, Tami Williamson, Chad Eitel, Caleb Owens, Tyler George, Heather Brown, Betsy Dunn, Andrew Magas, Violet Smarik, Mark Oxley and Trenton Duarte.

Answers to the questions above are: diaphragm; Great Salt Lake; and Plymouth, Mass.

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