Dinosaur clerk resigns


After almost seven months of fighting to keep her position as Dinosaur town clerk, Debbie Morrill voluntarily submitted a letter of resignation.

"I told them I would resign if they met some terms," Morrill said.

Morrill was suspended with pay June 25. Three months later, she received a list of 13 charges against her reasons the Dinosaur Board of Trustees had to fire her. The charges ranged from financial fiascoes to mail tampering and were summed up with the description of insubordination, inefficiency, careless or unsatisfactory job performance and violation of the Dinosaur Board of Trustees' orders and polices. Morrill hired a lawyer and took a fighting stand against the town, denying all the charges.

In December, she gave up the fight and agreed to come to terms with the town.

"We've reached an amicable resolution to each party's satisfactions," Dinosaur Town Attorney Ed Sands said.

It was within Morrill's rights to demand a hearing on the matter, which she had planned to do, but agreed to waive her right to a hearing in order to come to terms with the town.

The resolution includes $309 in unused, but accrued vacation pay and a severance check for $2,500. Other terms of her resignation could not be disclosed.

"There are non-compensation elements of the agreement that are considered confidential as a personnel matter," Sands said.

Sands believes an agreement was reached because of the substantial amount both sides were spending in attorney fees.

The issue cost the town of Dinosaur about $6,700 in attorney fees and the town paid Morrill nearly $5,000 in wages while she was suspended with pay. Morrill received her paycheck from the town until Nov. 16 when, by mutual agreement, it stopped.

"Ultimately, I think both sides felt this was the most appropriate manner of resolving the matter," Sands said.

Sands believes the matter is nearly settled, but that comes as news to Morrill.

"I haven't heard anything yet," she said. "I really don't have any idea what's going on. Nobody has called to tell me anything."

Dinosaur Mayor Richard Blakley agreed with Sands that the matter was solved.

"I think we've about got everything settled," he said. "Everything's signed and sealed and it looks like everything's been worked out."

Tamara Long, who worked part-time as the deputy town treasurer while Morrill worked for the town, has been filling in for Morrill since her suspension. Blakley said the town has taken no steps in filling the position permanently until the matter is resolved.

"It seems like it takes forever," Blakley said. "It will be nice to get this over with."

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