Girl Scout cookies for sale


As mid-winter and January become an endless array of cold nights and dreary days, it feels as if nothing could better the situation. But there is one thing many people in the United States look forward to Girl Scout cookies.

Girl Scouts will be selling cookies and with 2.7 million salespeople nationwide, with at least a thousand years experience, everyone should have a chance to purchase cookies from this 88-year-old organization.

The 64th Annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale kicked-off Thursday and will continue through Jan. 28. The sale is a large fund-raiser for the program and after expenses are paid, the money stays within the organization. According to Girl Scouts of Chipeta Council Director of Fund Development and Communications Nancy Jewell, 60 cents of each box sold returns to the troop selling the cookies, $1.41 goes to the national Girl Scout council and the rest is used to cover expenses of the sale. The Chipeta Council serves Girl Scouts organizations on the Western Slope.

Selling the cookies teaches each scout social skills.

"It gives them a chance to work with people," Jewell said. "It teaches them social skills and how to be responsible."

According to Jewell, the cookie sale is one of the most successful annual events in the country.

"The sale teaches them a wide variety of business and social skills," Jewell said. "They go through the whole business plan and once they know what it is they want to achieve, they implement the plan."

In Craig, 107 Girl Scouts in eight troops will be selling the popular cookies to community members.

According to Jewell, this year the Girl Scouts' motivational theme is "Leap to the Future," a phrase symbolizing the evolution of Girl Scouts today into strong, confident, caring women who have been prepared by the Girl Scouting experience for a future filled with promise and opportunities.

Girl Scouts of Chipeta Council serves over 2,600 girls on the Western Slope, including those in Craig and Moffat County. According to Jewell, the Girl Scout program teaches girls critical life skills that will enable them to succeed as adults.

"Most people have a pretty good sense of what Girl Scouts stands for," Jewell said. "It attests to the fact that Girl Scouts builds self confidence and a sense of belonging."

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