Scam alert


It was only that he had been caught in a similar con game before that a Craig resident was able to label the call he received as a scam.

According to Craig Police Department Lt. John Forgay, the resident received a call from someone telling him he had won the Australian Lottery, but would have to send $2,600 for "transfer fees" to receive his winnings. The same person also received a call saying he had won the Canadian Lottery several days before. During that call, the caller said an attorney would be flying to Craig to present the money, but the winner would have to send fees before receiving the money.

"Unfortunately, the citizen had been caught in this fast-talking con game on another occasion and the only thing he won was a place on a target list to receive more calls from these con men and women," Forgay said.

According to Forgay, the most often chosen target of these criminals is the elderly, but anyone is susceptible.

"We continue to warn everyone that when you have to pay to receive a prize, it is not a legitimate offer," Forgay said.

The Craig Police Department warns residents not to give any personal information over the telephone, including numbers from bank accounts, credit cards or social security numbers. If in doubt, Forgay said, call the local law enforcement agency and check it out.

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