Web site offers land use updates


The Colorado State University Cooperative Extension has some new technology to offer as it goes into the 21st century. The program has developed an electronic, Web-based newsletter.

Rangeland Crossroads at http://www.cnr.colostate.edu/RES/rc/index.html will provide information on rangeland and its management.

John Ortmann, Extension range specialist, assistant professor and the site's creator, believes the Web site will be useful because rangeland and its uses are sometimes controversial. The site will give people the opportunity to voice their opinion.

"Rangeland management is a complex issue in the public-land West because it involves livestock production, recreation, open space, rural lifestyles, wildlife habitat and personal values," said Ortmann. "Not only did I want to create a place to come for reliable information, I also made Rangeland Crossroads a meeting place that allows people to exchange information."

The newsletter features summaries of recent research, a calendar of events, information about the rangeland science department at Colorado State, links to Web sites of other resource groups and student and faculty news.

According to Ann Franklin, Moffat County Extension agent, the site will be a useful source of information for people who have a stake in rangeland issues.

"There are a lot of people who can benefit from it from sportsmen to ranchers," said Franklin. "Any information helps keep people up to date on rangeland topics. This newsletter will be especially beneficial because it is specific to issues in Colorado. Also, it is a great place for ranchers to let people know the good things they do with the range instead of just the negative all of the time."

Franklin added she will be happy to show people the newsletter if they visit the Extension office.

The idea behind the newsletter, according to Ortmann, is to bring together all rangeland users, giving groups with specific interests a broader perspective and promoting an understanding of all rangeland uses.

Future editions of Rangeland Crossroads will be announced via e-mail. Users may add their names to the mailing list as needed. The newsletter will be updated quarterly, according to officials, although some information will be updated more frequently.

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