TMH outlines goals for 2000


The Memorial Hospital (TMH) officials have unveiled their 2000 management plan.

Their mission, "providing healthy futures," contains visions that are used as targets for completing the plan. Some of these visions include always providing outstanding, personalized care and customer service; promoting a healthy community through communication and education; being flexible and providing services in response to customer needs; and establishing mutually satisfactory partnerships with and between affiliated providers.

These visions are the TMH "guiding stars," according to Administrator Randy Phelps.

Phelps believes all aspects of the plan are important, but the highest priorities are those involving facilities planning and physical plant maintenance. These issues are "terribly important" as well as the recruiting efforts for an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN). TMH has been searching for an OB/GYN since the fall of 1999 and wants to hire one by August.

In physical improvements, TMH will work with Moffat County School District and the City of Craig Planning Department to have three additional lots to the west of Russell Street and contiguous to the existing school district administrative building parking lot, which also serves TMH. In the plan, this project is to be completed by November.

The plan also set an objective of purchasing the property at 717 Russell St. by March 1 and initiating the process of clearing the property of trees, bushes and buildings by Nov. 1.

Also during 2000, TMH will research the work required to replace the fire alarm system for the main parts of TMH. The plan has set a completion date of Dec. 31.

The goals also seek to complete the facility development action plan as approved by the Board of Trustees in the fall of 1999 with the goal of achieving a decision on the facility development initiatives by TMH by August.

In recruiting new employees to help in hospital operations, TMH has hired Heather Houseworth who will be in charge of community relations. Her main job duties will include producing newsletters, advertisements and, if necessary, she will form a foundation for fund-raising. Houseworth will start Feb. 1.

Another aspect of the plan is for the Safety Committee to continue to focus its efforts on assuring the hospital environment supports services that maximize emergency preparedness, employee safety, patient and visitor safety, and equipment safety and proficiency.

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