Highway department requests public input on construction issues


Normally complaints about traffic come via hand gestures from driver to driver.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) wants Western Slope citizens to express their views on the future of Interstate 70 (I-70) in another way.

The CDOT Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement Team will hold a meeting from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Country Inn, 716 Horizon Drive. Information gathered will help determine transportation improvements along the I-70 corridor for the next 20 years through developing an environmental impact statement.

"Listening to the opinions of citizens of the Western Slope is invaluable as we consider the future of the I-70 Mountain Corridor," said Ceclia Joy, project manager for CDOT. "Potential transportation improvements on I-70 will affect residents and other highway users. We are dedicated to working closely with Western Slope residents to identify and resolve issues which impact the entire state and region."

Similar meetings recently held in Golden and Silverthorne had more than 200 people attend both meetings. According to CDOT, officials will work closely with all interested Coloradans, especially I-70 users who include local residents, skiers, outdoor enthusiasts and trucking companies. The purpose of the project is to improve mobility and safety in the Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor from Colorado Highway 470 in Jefferson County to Glenwood Springs.

Involvement with the I-70 project goes beyond just attending the meeting. CDOT officials are producing an informative newsletter, a Web site, a telephone information line and multiple meetings along the corridor.

Input on the first phase of the project will be accepted through April 20.

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