TV Guide in Craig wrong


To the Editor:

For several years I have subscribed to TV Guide Magazine for television programming, but in many cases the program schedule did not agree with what was actually on television at a given time. In some cases, the cable provider had cable network channels that were not listed in TV Guide Magazine.
But the TV Guide Magazine I received for week of Jan. 1 through Jan. 7 had all the programming which the local cable provider has for its extended basic service with "STARZ" and "ENCORE" and the program times agreed. Then I received the issue for Jan. 8 through Jan. 14, and it was back to times not agreeing, and cable channels networks not listed. With some additional investigation, I have determined that Craig receives the TV Guide Magazine edition for southern Colorado, which has scheduling problems. The issue I received for Jan. 1 through Jan. 7 was the edition for Denver.
I have contacted TV Guide and requested that my subscription be changed to the Denver edition. Of course, I am the only person with this zip code requesting the Denver edition and they cannot assure me that I will receive each issue on time. If at least eight subscribers in a specific zip code request the change, then TV Guide will assure that you will receive the magazine on time. If other citizens are experiencing similar problems with TV Guide Magazine, please contact them at the following: TV Guide, Customer Service; P.O. Box 900; Radnor, PA 19088, or at (800) 866-1400.

Van Pilaud,

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