Area students included in Who's Who


cluded in the 34th Annual Edition of Who's Who Among American High School Students, 1999-2000.
Who's Who, published by Educational Communications, Inc., Lake Forest, Ill., is the largest recognition program and publication in the nation honoring high achieving high school students. Students are nominated by high school principals and guidance counselors, national youth groups, churches and educational organizations based upon students' academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular activities. Traditionally, 99 percent of Who's Who students have a grade point average of 'B' or better and 97 percent are college bound.
The 34th Annual Edition of Who's Who Among American High School Students, 1999-2000, published in 18 regional volumes, features more than 750,000 students just 5 percent of the nation's 14 million high school students. They represent approximately 20,000 of the 24,000 public, private and parochial high schools in the country.
Who's Who students also compete for $200,000 in scholarship awards and participate in the publication's Annual Survey of High Achievers, an annual opinion poll of teen attitudes. The book is distributed on a complimentary basis to up to 15,000 high schools, colleges, universities and public libraries throughout the country. To learn more about
Who's Who Among American High School Students, visit
Local students selected include:
Megan A. Armstrong
Troy D. Bailey
Wade Bailey
Brittany S. Ballard
Ashley D. Bishop
Jeffrey D. Braselton
Krystal R. Brown
Dustin L. Brown
Robert D. Butler
Brian K. Cabrera
Heather L. Coniff
Theresa S. Coupe
Cody C. De Guelle
Kellie A. Dodds
Brandon R. Duarte
Meagan E. Ellgen
Jerod Estey
Bryan L. Foster
Brandy Gale
Sarah Haslem
Jennifer A. Havrilla
Chad Hettizet
Alan M. Horrocks
Stephanie L. Hurd
Joe P. Jacobs
Justaunna Marie Jeffrey
Ben T. Koucherik
Keith A. Kutnar
Sabrina K. Latham
Nidia Martinez
Jolene M. Morley
Emily A. Mortensen
Melissa Nicoletto
Jessica A. Noble
Amanda M. Overton
Melissa A. Padon
Adam C. Peer
Jennifer Richmond
Michelle Rhodes
Devin W. Roberson
Arthur W. Rinker
Paige E. Roberts
Nicole M. Shatz
Thomas L. Simones
Brian M. Skowronski
Jonathan M. Splitt
Katie A. Telfer
Jeremy D. Thuney
Caitlin J. Turner
Scott N. Whinery
Hayley D. White
Jennifer Wiersma
Oliver R. Wiersma
Vanessa K. Wilson

Alyssa Alpe
Daleena Babcock
Jessi J. Babish
Robin M. Chiago
Nathan Deepe
Jamie Denker
Geoffrey L. Haymes
Natalie McDonald
Angelo L. Pascetti
Robby Walker
Joel Wixson

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