Crafters weave success on fairgrounds pavillion


Paintings. Legos. K'nex. Food. Drawings.

It was the time to shine for entrants in the 2000 Moffat County Fair Arts and Crafts Open divisions. The projects were spread throughout the Moffat County Fairgrounds pavilion and grandstand area for judging Wednesday.

The divisions judged Wednesday included; an open class for anyone between 20 and 59 years old, senior class for ages 60 and over, a youth class for youth aged eight to 19, and a Mommy and Me category for youth under seven. According to Pavilion Superintendent Rena Olsen, these categories are open to anyone within the county.

"It has been really nice, and I've seen a lot of new faces," Olsen said.

4-H arts and crafts projects were judged on Tuesday.

"The photos and the artwork is up this year," Elisa Shackelton of the Moffat County Extension Office said, "and the canned goods are phenomenal."

Judges at the fair have to be from outside of Moffat County. Each category of items had one judge. Entrants will find out if they have won next week.

Daisy Fern Smith (Pankey) received a tremendous birthday gift this year. Her sister, Doris Pankey Adams, from California, painted her a picture.

But this was no ordinary picture.

The first, middle and maiden name of Daisy was incorporated into the painting. The picture included a 'pan' of 'daisies' sitting on a table next to a 'key.' 'Ferns' spread out behind the daisies.

"She really is a good artist," Daisy said.

It was almost too late.

Trevor Romney worked all summer finishing a drawing of his dalmation, "Chewey (Chewbacca)," after the Star Wars Wookie. His mother was feeling under the weather the day all artwork was due at the fair. Trevor awoke his mother and asked her if they were going to the fair so he could turn in his drawing.

The duo, and Trevor's younger brother, bounded to the pavilion in the nick of time. As the judge in the drawing category was about 50 percent complete, Trevor's drawing made it's way to the judging block.

Trevor was happy to make it just in time. After all, he did work on it all summer.

Now that he has beaten the clock, it is up to the judges to see if he will beat out other contestants.

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