Therapist offers anxiety, depression screenings


Attention worry-worts: Yampa Valley Psychotherapists is offering a free anxiety screening May 4.
"This is for people who are nervous, anxious or worry-worts to learn more about anxiety disorders," Dave Spencer, licensed clinical social worker with Yampa Valley Psychotherapists, said.
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness, according to Spencer, and 28 percent of the population has some type of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders include a generalized anxiety, where someone worries about everything; panic, when someone's heart pounds and they have trouble breathing and believe they need medical attention; and obsessive compulsive disorder, when someone does something repeatedly.

To test for disorders, those receiving a screening will watch a video about disorders, "take a sample questionnaire test and then we will go over the results," Spencer said. If necessary, Spencer will refer the person to another therapist. He will also have printed materials on mental disorders on hand.
Spencer has been treating anxiety disorders for 15 years. May 4 is National Anxiety Screening Day and more than 1,200 sites nationwide will give free anxiety screenings that day.
"I hope it will be an interesting and fun time for everyone," Spencer said. "I encourage everyone to come." He said the screening will also be beneficial to family members of people with anxiety disorders.
Space is limited for the screenings. To reserve a place, call 824-2557.
Spencer said participants need not bring anything to the screening, other than themselves. Yampa Valley Psychotherapists is located at 2045 W. Victory Way in Craig.

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