Construction of new car wash in Craig to begin first of May


Residents who want a clean car, but think it's too much work, especially when it stands to be as dirty in two days, will have a chance to clean up their act by the end of summer.

Steamboat Springs resident Curt Weiss, owner of Hurricane and High-Performance car washes, is set to open a self-service, drive-through car wash in Craig.

"It will be one of the best the Cadillac of the industry," Weiss said.

The car wash will have one bay which will accept credit cards, credit or debit wash cards, tokens and cash.

The car wash will be located off U.S. Highway 40 just south of High-Performance car wash.

Weiss said he's had several requests from customers to put an automatic car wash in Craig.

"We really feel there is a need for it," he said.

The car wash will be open year-round thanks to high-tech heating and insulation. Weiss said it will be operable in below zero weather. He hopes the car wash will be able to offer fragrant vacuum cleaners and a carpet cleaner.

"Craig's going to get the state-of-the-art in car cleaning," he said.

The city of Craig has approved a 10-year conditional use permit for the lot, but must still approve the business' parking and landscaping plan, which is scheduled for the April 28 Craig City Council meeting.

"The process has been real good," Weiss said. "The planning department and the City Council have both been real responsive. I've been real happy with the process."

Though Weiss knows a drive-through car wash may impact the business at his other two car washes, he said it is a necessary step.

"This is just another phase of customer satisfaction," he said.

Weiss will break ground at the site in May and hopes the business will be up and running by the end of July.

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