Snake River tid bits


With sympathy
Thoughts and prayers are with Jerry and Dorothy Wilson and family following the loss of their son, Rod. Rod died following a lengthy illness in Alaska. Rod was a former resident of the Little Snake River Valley and Craig area.

It's a girl
Jodi and Paul Stanley announced the birth of their daughter, Addie Jeanne, born Sept. 24, 1999, at The Memorial Hospital in Craig, Colo. Addie Jeanne weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Addie Jeanne has an older brother, Rex.

Weekend sports
Following is the sports schedule for Saturday:
10 a.m. - junior high volleyball at Hayden
1 p.m. - high school volleyball at home with Cokeville
10 a.m. - high school and junior high cross country at Laramie.
Everyone is encouraged to attend the home volleyball game against Cokeville and give the girls your support. The high school girls have been playing excellent volleyball and last weekend defeated Farson and Dubois and won the tournament at Pinedale. Cokeville has always been stiff competition and I'm sure the girls could use a lot of hometown cheering. The junior high girls have also been playing exceptionally well, as they defeated Hayden at home Tuesday evening.

Can't be winter!
The area awoke to snow on Tuesday. It surely can't be winter, yet. Some old timers will tell you of snow in early September, but for us young timers we really don't think about snow until at least October. When snow falls in September it makes for one long winter. Many hunters hope for snow, which helps them track the deer and elk herds. With deer rifle season opening Friday we'd like to remind hunters to ask permission before hunting on private property. Know where the Wyoming and Colorado boundaries lie. Respect other hunters' rights. All terrain vehicles (ATVs) may be useful when packing out an animal, but they should not be used for hunting. Good luck hunting and be careful with your shots.

Moose spotted
A bull moose was spotted in several locations Monday. The initial sighting was at the Riverbend campground in Slater and later on Cobb Cattle Company south of Savery. I believe it's been several years since a moose has been spotted. In the past, Mike Sheehan spotted a young bull moose south of Battle Mountain ... maybe he was just returning to his old stomping grounds. If you spot him roaming this fall keep us in touch on his whereabouts.

violence awareness
October is nationally observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. On Wednesday, Shirley Herold and Kathy Wonch represented Carbon County C.O.V.E. (Citizens Organization to see Violence Ended) at the Town of Baggs council meeting where they presented a proclamation declaring the month of October as national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The town council members adopted the proclamation and Mayor Don Bain signed it.

October birthdays
1 - Luke Findlay
2 - Johnathan Davis
3 - Travis Elliot
4 - Marcos Enriquez
5 - Marlys Barnett, Kimber Peed
6 - Dawn Longhenry, Colton Orchard
7 - Raymond (Punch) Ellis
8 - Mike Thomas, Eric McAllister
9 - Manny Rodriquez
10 - Bary Herold, Mark Lee Curtis
11 - Denise Vandas, Laura Garvin, Victor Soto
12 - Charlie Duffy, Cole Gourlay
13 - Alan Herold, Brittany Herold
17 - Will Dillon, Barbara May Abraham
18 - PaulTucker, Kathy Updike, Mark Romero, Travis Menge
19 - Leonard Mess, Bill Duncan
20 - Matt Myers, Xavier Gilroy, Joe and Bessies' 65th anniversary
21 - Dustin Updike, Kayla Erikson, Cole Jones
22 - Sara Kaiser
23 - Melanie Lee, Terry Jackson
24 - Katherine Broussard, Callay Danford
25 - George Evans, Russell Liakos
26 - Evelyn Ellis
27 - Harry Russell Jr.
28 - Jessica Garvin
29 - Chris Moss
31 - Barbara Zimmerman, Chad Waldron

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