Survey says... Satellite better than cable


— Satellite TV companies continue to deliver more than cable, according to an annual survey by J.D. Powers and Associates.

But the survey shows cable still has a huge lead in customers.

EchoStar's Dish Network, based in Littleton, leads this year among satellite providers for the first time.

''It's clear that there are hundreds of thousands of people switching from cable to satellite,'' EchoStar founder Charlie Ergen said. ''The American public is voting with their pocketbook.''

However, the survey showed seven of eight subscription-television customers are cable customers.

The survey results are based on a nationwide sample of 10,266 households. It indicates customers using satellite providers are more satisfied with the product they receive than cable customers.

I believe that this might change when cable companies begin offering high speed cable modem access to the internet along with the viewing programming. Cable modems, which can operate faster than a T1 line, are cheap compared to satellite transmitters... Webmaster

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