Resident trespasses using weapons permit


A Craig resident thought his concealed weapons permit would be enough to get him out of a trespassing ticket, but instead it ended up earning him a ticket from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) and the possible loss of his permit.

The incident took place on private land west of Lay, north of U.S. Highway 40 during the first morning of the second big game rifle hunting season, Oct. 16. Jackie J. Sibulkin, 61, was caught allegedly trespassing and confronted by a hunter who was given permission to hunt on the land. After Sibulkin was confronted by the other hunter he allegedly flashed his Moffat County concealed weapons permit attempting to use the card to convince the hunter he was allowed to be on the private land.

The hunter, from California, wasn't fooled by the card, and called the Moffat County Sheriff's Department and the DOW. The stunt earned Sibulkin a ticket from the DOW for trespassing that was issued Oct. 18 and a letter from the Moffat County Sheriff's Department informing him the status of his concealed weapons permit would be reviewed.

Sheriff Buddy Grinstead believes his administration's policy on issuing concealed weapons had little to do with the incident since the permit was issued under the previous sheriff's administration and renewed while Grinstead was sheriff.

"This is obviously a person who used poor judgement," said Grinstead. "We have some concerns about the status of his concealed weapons permit."

Todd Malmsberry, chief information officer for the DOW, believes the trespassing offense could carry a steep penalty.

"It is not uncommon for us to issue tickets for hunting without permission," said Malmsberry. "The fine is $137, but it could also carry a penalty of 20 points against the hunter which is significant because the violator can loose hunting privileges."

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