Children deserve better safety


To the Editor,

I am writing in concern of the safety of the children walking to school north of Yampa Avenue on Colorado Highway 13 by Craig Middle School and Calvary Baptist Church.

I have noticed that there is no school zone signs indicating a school zone or speed limit signs indicating a school zone. I have noticed city, county and state vehicles speeding through the school zone during school hours. I have contacted the local police and they do come out and patrol sometimes. They say they can't patrol all the time, but yet they sit on Finley Lane by the high school every day giving out seat belt awards. Why not pick a day to sit there and surprise the kids because they know that they sit there every day and they are going to wear their seat belt? Try to surprise them.
I ask the city police to ask the sheriff department to help patrol. They say the sheriff department is busy. With what? I see them driving around or sitting somewhere talking in a parking lot. I am not cutting down the sheriff's department, but let's pitch in and help the city police sometimes. I think if this matter doesn't get resolved and a child gets hurt, the city should be liable. Especially if a child gets hit by a speeding city or county vehicle.

I think if a city or county vehicle sees someone speeding, they should report it. Teamwork does work. Also, aren't the children that go to the middle school and elementary schools that have to walk or stand at bus stops also important?

Shelly Day,

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