Snake River tidbits


New deputy announced
Pat Adams, formerly of the Little Snake River Valley, will be returning to the valley as the new full time deputy sheriff, replacing Pat Korb. Adams is a former graduate of the Little Snake River Valley School and had been a police officer with the Rawlins Police Department for the past five years. Adams, his wife, Susan, and their children are looking forward to returning to the valley. Our congratulations to Pat on his new appointment and welcome back.
Trooper placed in the Valley
We'd like to welcome state trooper Kelly Finn and his family to the Little Snake River Valley. Trooper Finn recently gave an interview to the Snake Pit Weekly and stated that there are three infractions that individuals need to be aware of: wearing a safety belt, speeding and impaired driving. Trooper Finn also stated there would be no warnings issued for the following violations: drinking and driving, suspended licenses and no vehicle insurance coverage. To get in contact with the Wyoming State Highway Patrol call 1-800-442-9090, cellular phone users may contact the patrol at #HELP. It has been a while since a patrolman has been stationed on the river but I'm sure we'll appreciate having him here.
Conservation district awarded
Recently the Little Snake River Conservation District based in Baggs received the Goodyear Conservation Award as the 1999 Honor District. This honor was announced at the 54th annual convention of Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts held in Casper. Our congratulations.

We'll like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.
Patty and Bea

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