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16 GOP candidates head to Denver

Rob Gebhart

Sixteen Moffat County Republicans head to Denver today for their party’s state assembly.

The delegates, who were elected at the Moffat County Assembly, will be voting for the candidates they want to see on August’s primary ballot, from state Legislature to the U.S. Congress.

In the 3rd Congressional District race, many of the delegates said they would support Rep. Matt Smith, R-Grand Junction. But Tim Jantz, Moffat County Republican chairman, said some of the delegates are waiting to hear the candidate’s speeches before making up their minds.

“Everyone has their own opinions or are still forming their own opinions. A lot of people are still in the process of figuring out who they’re voting for,” Jantz said.

Greg Walcher, former Colorado Department of Natural Resources director, Jerry Eller, and Delina DiSanto, also will stump for support at the assembly.

Candidates need 30 percent of the assembly vote to make the August ballot. The candidate with the most support will get his or her name on the top of the ballot.

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The results of the congressional assembly will appear in Saturday’s Craig Daily Press.

Rep. Gregg Rippy, R-Aspen, and Dan Corsentino, Pueblo County Sheriff, said they would petition onto the primary ballot.

Moffat County resident Gerald Culverwell said he will support the candidate who keeps taxes down and protects the Second Amendment. In Culverwell’s mind, Smith best fit those qualifications.

“Matt Smith comes the closest. … He’s a homegrown boy from Meeker,” Culverwell said.

Also today, assemblies will be held for Rep. Al White, R-Winter Park, and Sen. Jack Taylor, R-Steamboat Springs, both of whom are running for re-election unopposed within the Republican Party.

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