David Moore 3 years, 8 months ago

"Penfold told police a medical condition caused him to drive into the oncoming lane." I would hope at minimum, because of his "medical condition" and the fact he ran over a motorcyclist, that the police have yanked his drivers license. Am going to follow this one because I am ever curious about his so called "medical condition". I have just now become a bit more aware when out on the cycle because of this and in only my second summer riding, yes I am a rookie, I have had three near misses because people were not looking around them. Look around you people, I was almost hit by a lady looking the other direction when she was crossing Victory way at Russell street the other day, near miss #3. She did not even look in my direction and began to cross directly in front of me as I rode westbound on Victory. Thankfully I pay attention and I took an evasive action that almost put me on the sidewalk. She kept right on going, looking the other way and not even once glanced in the opposite direction. Please look twice, once to look and once to make sure you are not going to trap or hit a motorcycle.


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