David Moore 3 years, 9 months ago

Ooooooooo, so NOW it comes out what this is. There was a poll on it a couple weeks ago and it seemed that the lack of "awareness" is why most probably answered no and three of us had no clue what the poll was even talking about. Advertising, works every time...mostly. I may have to check it out, however, most of what goes on in Craig pertains to an older crowd. My suggestions would be something to bring in us middle age working folk, "Farmers market"...not so entertaining. Local plinkers and strummers, same thing. I don't really have any suggestions, and, I will have to go check it out for myself. If I walk thru in 10 minutes, probably won't do it again. Good luck and I hope it becomes something remotely like the Farmers Market in Steamboat on Saturdays. I will drive every week to go to that, it's great and has quite a bit to choose from for everyone small, middle and old.


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