lonelyone 3 years, 9 months ago

WOW, you took what my husband and I thought was a fairly good movie and made it sound pretty bad. Sure, this Lone Ranger isn't what we thought it would be, because we thought it would be something like the old shows we use to see when we were kids, but it still was an entertaining movie. Who cares if Depp has any Native America descendants? He is an actor, he is acting a part........just like all actors do. Folks, I would tell you, if you want to see something like we saw as kids and that's it, then don't go, but if you want to see something that has some action, drama, romance and comedy, with a little blood and guts in it, this could be a movie you would enjoy. We did.


David Moore 3 years, 9 months ago

Here is how I do it....anything this guy says is no good, usually is. If he says its good, usually not. Ones taste in entertainment is not usually comparable with the majority. This movie, which I have not seen yet (will not sit in half a theater with bad sound and out of focus)took a beating in the ratings when it came out. The previews and stunts I have viewed clips of were either humorous or rather daring. Please, no offense to the critic here, but I am wondering what credentials he holds to judge entertainment?


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