Patrick Germond 10 months, 2 weeks ago

I have three kids in Paul's school. I wanted to get my kids into the art kind of because it was something I wished I had had the opportunity to do and my son was bugging me about it. The girls were scared and a little unsure. Paul and the other students welcomed them in and made them feel at ease. And now they love the classes and work hard for their next advancement. Paul has a real gift for teaching. Today he got his fourth degree black belt making him a master. It's a little odd to know Paul, who is such a kind and humble person, is also one of the greatest martial artist in the country. Thank you Paul Cruz and congratulations on your new promotion.


onesopinion 10 months, 2 weeks ago

I know that there are two great places in Craig that teach such a wonderful art. I have chose Paul to teach mine from knowing him. I could not be happier with how wonderful he is with the kids and the parents that watch and take them every practice. I want everyone to know Paul is an amazing person,teacher, and friend from the moment you meet. Congrats on becoming a Master you will represent the honor well!!!


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