Cole White 4 years ago

Kelley.....the bi-partisan extreme politics of Democrats and Republicans with political and personal agendas is what got this whole country into the problem it's in. Watching CNN and Fox News has turned into a circus. If one party made the statement that the "sky was blue" the other party would have to comment how they were wrong and how it was "azure" and how the other's comment was unpatriotic and perverting the truth. We'd devote three days to the argument and it would come up in the next presidential election.

Three points to make here:

1) Extreme gun control is wrong. Sure the founding fathers never envisioned semi-automatic weapons but they didn't envision the Internet and masmedia, but that doesn't mean we take away the first amendment. 2) Extreme pro-gun owner rights is also wrong. Mandating all gun owners take safety and handling courses as well as registering of fire arms is not crazy. We make everyone register everything else in this country....alcahol, tobacco, cars, etc....sure it won't stop people from breaking the law who want to break the law but its a good starting point to enforcing the law. We have laws against killing people but just because a criminal is going to do it if they want to doesn't mean we throw the baby out with the bath water and get rid of the law. 3) If I was running for any office I wouldn't want anyone without a shred of common sense voting for me so I'm sure Don won't miss your vote either ....


craiggirl 4 years ago

Has everyone lost sight of the text of the 2nd Amendment? It states that people have the right to keep and bear arms. It does not state that people shall be required to bear arms. The absurdity of the "proposed" amendment makes a mockery of the very government these supporters are opposing.


Cole White 4 years ago

Nowhere does it say the federal gov can't regulate arms either. Gun regulations have been around for over a hundred years. Example- You have always had to relinquish you firearms before you enter the White come no one is upset about your second amendment right being violated there? I believe in the constitution and our liberties 100%, but what I don't support is lack of common sense.

I love that this Craig ordinance to own I firearm was brought up as a response to other absurd anti-gun laws, but it needs to be accepted in the manner and spirit it was presented and not have people take it literal and write a letter about a city councilman's comment, while not accurate was not inaccurate either since the AK-47 does in fact fit the criteria of the gone proposed in the ordinance.


Marilynn Hill 4 years ago

The actual proposed ordinance as presented to council read:  

"Proposed ordinance to require all homeowners in the City of Craig to own a Modern Sporting Rifle (usually but not limited to an AK or AR platform) capable of accepting a high capacity magazine (as defined by that state as a magazine that holds over 15 rounds).

Exemptions: anyone legally prohibited from owning firearms, those mentally or physically unable, those financially unable or those who oppose for person or religious reasons. 

There will be no penalties for non-compliance. "

Councilman Jones just stated one of the guns listed as a Modern Sporting Rifle of the AK kind as listed by Doctor Rummel and that he didn't want anything that was considered a Modern Sporting Rifle because he already owned a number of rifles. Nothing political was said until Doctor Rummel launched into a political statement about liberals and the president Obama.   

It was Councilman Bohrer who also manages Elkhorn Outfitters who while supporting the ordinance, did not seem to support the actual definition of type of gun/rifle and Would be happy with a person owning something. 

Unfortunately what Doctor Rummel was trying to do has been lost in the debate about gun ownership; not the economic hardships he was Trying to speak to in his overall argument.  Whilst I don't support the proposed ordinance as I am not for more laws on the books to make a statement, I do understand his wanting to make a difference economically in Craig America. 

The neat thing  is that you are exercising your right as an American citizen to vote or not vote for someone; one person one vote!


Jason Phillips 3 years, 12 months ago

Hey Kelley, you are crazy fanatics.

Signed, Everyone


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