Jobeth Haydon-Tupa 4 years ago

I think the issue here, is that there is certain legislation that has been passed that is 'un-enforceable'. For instance, how does one determine if my non stamped high capacity magazine was purchased yesterday , or thirty years ago? How is law enforcement to any more prevent the private sale of a firearm, If I drive 45 minutes north, or two minutes to the grocery store, when they are no better equipped to prevent say, a drug transaction. (Although, as responsible gun owners, we SHOULD already be compelled to do our own homework.) Colorado, in effect, has tied local law enforcement's hands behind their back, by capriciously passing such vague legislation, so my question to you sir, would be, ' Exactly, HOW, have our state law enforcement officers been given any REASONABLE means to inact newly passed gun laws, without possibly infringing on our rights?'


citizensforgrowth 4 years ago

I would not have said that I would not enforce the new laws but simply said they are very poorly thought out and written. (like obammycare) I am curious how many gun crimes are committed by first time offenders with no record who would pass the background check. And how many gun crimes are committed by felons who did not obtain a gun by legal means. I guess this whole criminals dont play by the rules thing just keeps buggin me!


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