xrsareus 4 years, 1 month ago

I sure wish these DCI representatives could be here in the middle of winter. Then they could see why nobody goes downtown to can't get there. A person has to park 4ft away from the crub because of snow and ice. A person can't get from their car to the sidewalk because of a 3ft icy berm. Most of the sidewalks are unshoveled and now they have layer's of road sanding material. For everyone that went to the art walk, what a mess navigating around downtown. To someone traveling through our town, who would want to stop and visit. Downtown looks like a dump. Even with all the snow in Steamboat you never see sidewalks with snow and sand on them. Oh I know I heard the excuses, "the road belongs to CDOT", "we can't do their roads" Highway 40 go's right through Steamboat also. Let's hope the City of Craig dosen's start cleaning downtown just for this visit. Let's show them what it is really like and then listen to their $9.000.00 worth of idea's.


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