MetalDead 3 years, 8 months ago

This seems nothing more than an extended session of bragging. I see absolutely no news-worthy accomplishments or events featured in this article. It is clearly evident that the mother contacted the Press for the sheer reason of bragging about her daughter. The best part is that the child doesn't seem extraordinary at all. I haven't come across any aspects of the child's life that seem special, or even remotely incredible. Even the kid's fact about air in a flute compared to a tuba is incorrect. Coming from someone with extensive experience in music, and classical orchestra, that is simply not true. Once again, the Craig Daily Press falls into overly-proud parents living vicariously through their children. I am slowly losing respect for the press.


David Moore 3 years, 8 months ago

With all due respect.....did you really come on here and whine....about A CHILD being put in the newspaper??? Wow, I have now read it all. All children are extraordinary in their own way, my daughter is extraordinary and special to me even though she may not be to you, would you rag on her too if she ended up in the newspaper? So what if you don't detect Alicea as being special, extraordinary or "remotely incredible", she's not your kid so I doubt you know anything about her at all, despite what the article said, she may be a genius. Seeing how modern day news is mostly about death, war, drugs and plight, I find it nice to read about a child, growing up in a stubborn, one sided, good ol' boy controlled town and not giving a care in the world about those facts, she's just livin' life to the fullest. This article will be one that Alicea frames and hangs on her wall, because it is about her, and she is proud, as is her mother I am sure. You ever make it into the paper metaldead? Bet you kept a copy somewhere if you did. Even though this is the Craig Daily Press, a paper that is not the best sometimes, I applaud them for changing up the pace and making some kid proud of being alive in the difficult world called Craig America. It is also apparent this came from some sort of supplement as I saw a bunch of articles, about kids and students, with the title, "M2" something, so I don't believe it was an article in the main paper anyway, may be wrong on that. Really embarrassing for you to come on here and say some of the things you said, hope you feel better about it.
Rock on Alicea, keep on keepin' on:)


MetalDead 3 years, 7 months ago

I find nothing embarrassing about what I said, I simply stated my opinion upon my ever-receding faith in the Press' credibility. I am in no way insulting Alicea in any way, just pointing out the fact that more deserving children get snubbed of this opportunity. Your daughter is indeed extraordinary as you let her wear makeup and drool over boys when she is only in the 6th grade. I find it laughable you talking about parenting in light of your seemingly absent place in keeping your kids in line. Besides that fact, if indeed Alicea is a genius, why should only she get an article? I am aware of several children that are indubitably on the genius level in this district, even in the same grade as Alicea, yet get no recognition. I find it hard to believe the press contacted them, giving me the assumption that the family contacted the Press. I was always taught to try your best, but be humble about it. I never needed forced praise from the masses for my accomplishments.


David Moore 3 years, 7 months ago

I am very involved I'm my child, the fact she wears makeup, which I tell her she dosent need(and is quite sparse to say the least), and that she "drools" over boys, which I also watch closely, only reinforces the fact she is a girl. Being a single father I cannot watch her every move and I refuse to treat my child like I see some parents around here treating theirs, like they live in some sort of concentration camp. She is a great student, has lots of friends and does well at her extra things ouside of school, because of that, I give her some space to be a kid. Thanks for ripping on her, knew you could do it. The only thing I have to worry about now is some unidentified "person" that apparently knows her, thanks, guess I will be a bit more alert now. Am done here, not going to go through a thread chatting with someone who finds joy in putting down kids and their parents. Sleep well.


moconative 3 years, 7 months ago

I agree with Dave. I think there are a lot of kids who are headed in the right direction and would continue in that direction if we as a community applaud their efforts. There are a lot of kids I would love to recognize that don't always win first place, but put their whole heart into the things they do. For example, there are kids who spend hours upon hours with 4-H projects that don't win and don't get recognized that I know would be so happy to hear from our community that they see all the hard work they do and to keep it up! There are good kids in our community who may see that article and be inspired to do their best. It's not always about being an expert or winning, sometimes it's about applauding the effort.

Also, the new editor recently put an article out there inviting parents to call about their kids and their accomplishments. This community needs positive things to write about.

Kids aren't perfect, but when they know someone is proud of them, it can go a long way into helping them make positive choices in the future. Girls will wear makeup and be boy crazy, but they can still be good and still do really good things. Boys will make decisions without thinking things through and make some huge mistakes, but they can still be good and do good things. Kids need to know that, but adults need to live that.


hello81625 3 years, 7 months ago

MetalDead - Check your own facts! I have played both the Tuba and the Flute and this lovely (who I do not know) little girls is correct! The flute is widely accepted as the instrument requiring the most air and woodwinds typically require greater air control. We can debate this if you want or you can google it - it is fact.

As far as you attitude about this artical - I am sorry for you to have nothing better in your life than jealousy of a middle school girl.


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