calvinhobbs 4 years, 2 months ago

How bout this, get the parents more involved. My wife teaches. At here last parent teachers conference over 2 evenings she saw 22 parents, she see just over 100 a day. Guess what, everyone of the 22 kids had good grades. When you were in school there were no standards set by the state. Now there are, technology is a big one, but guess what, no computer teachers, teach technology in the regular ed class PLUS your standards! The math and science my kids brought home in the middle school is stuff I did not see until high school in the late 70. DO NOT just blame the school or the teachers. Some parents see the school as a baby sitter, then when the kid gets held in at lunch/ recess of after school to do their work, the parents throw a fit. Parents and kids believe that if the kid is in an advanced class they should always have an A, but there should be no homework or being accountable. How about mandatory summer school/retention for kids that lack skills, oh no, that affects their self esteem, and interferes with our vacation. Granted, there are bad teachers, just like every job out there. But do not try and lump all of them in one bunch,


Jason Phillips 4 years, 2 months ago

I'm with Calvin. I tend to think Craig's deficiencies have more to do with deadbeat parents than the actual system itself. That's not to say the education system can't be improved, but at some point parents have to burden their share of accountability.


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