pbjfan81625 4 years, 4 months ago

"If (a student) put a loaded gun in their bag and came to my classroom and pulled it out and started shooting, by the time the police officer figured out what was going on and got to my classroom, we'd all be dead. This whole hallway could be dead before a policeman got here."

Then I would suggest that you, as their teacher become their protector, and arm yourself. You are yourself and the children's last defense to see another day. It is the world we now live in like it or not. You will be the sheep or the wolf for these precious kids.


alcashion 4 years, 4 months ago

We have over1,800 children die each year as victims of abuse. Because death certificates often do not list abuse as cause of death , the number is feared to be well over 2,500. That is 1,000 times the number of children that died in that horrible event in Connecticut. But this story has the "wow" factor. So the politicians go where the cameras go and make promises and declarations and speak of how they will fix it. And brain dead morons believe the ones they are already predesposed to agree with.
This is a tragic broken world. Tragic broken people live here. Acts of horrific violence will and do happen. What makes them more tragic is knee jerk laws by knee jerk politicians smelling the oportunity to sell themselves to a knee jerk populace. I'd ask where the politiician is for the exponentially greater number of children living the horror of an abusive home except for two issues. Number 1, abused children don't die all at once. It's not as politically sexy. Number 2, I am horrified at the thought of politicians attempting to bring remedy into our homes.


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