ruralmom 4 years, 7 months ago

Are you kidding!!!! Basically this is a free pass to rustle cattle. Those cattle he was charged with stealing gave him approx. a calf a year during those 6-8 years some of those animals were reported missing. That calculates out to about 30 calves. OK, say half were heifers (girls) that he could of saved for replacement heifers. I am not going to go there and figure out that. But $$$$. Then the other half were steers. I will give him the benefit of the dought and say 15 steers at todays market: 15 X $1000/ head = $15,000.00 . Well I guess rustling cattle does pay.


Richard Warner 4 years, 7 months ago

Am impressed by Judge Lass's impartiality and objectivity throughout the case, plus his wisdom and discernment shown in the sentencing. May it move the rural community toward healing and normalization of relationships, and allow people to move forward with their lives.

Have seen the misery created with poor judges. If memory serves, the way it works is that judges are appointed but then we vote to keep them. There are impartial committees (Google for yours) that assess the performance of judges based on a number of criteria (oddly, judgment is not one of the criteria). These committees publish an opinion on whether or not to retain each judge.

Please, folks, when you vote to retain a judge, do some research ahead of time. Maybe even sit in on a few cases. A little wisdom and discernment in judges is a good thing.

Good job, Judge Lass.


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