moffatcountyalways 4 years, 7 months ago

While I agree with everything you wrote I also have to note my personal experience with community support by the educators in the community. I have spent many hours serving on the boards of multiple organizations in the community and have always been frustrated by the apparent lack of involvement of educators in these organizations. I am not talking about financial support but rather time support. Every other person there also has a full time job or a business to run, families to support and a busy life, just like educators. They also make time to volunteer and support the community. It could be that I fail to see the contributions from educators in this area and if so, then I apologize. As my experience across many organizations and many years goes though, I have not seen it. I do hold educators in high regard and owe them immensely for the positive influence they have had on my life and thank them for setting high expectations for me when I was in their classrooms. I am now holding them to those same high expectations.


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