Colette Erickson 4 years, 3 months ago

How about a fireworks ban as well? And, enforcement in the City of the no fireworks ordinance?


Allen Hischke 4 years, 3 months ago

There is a state laws prohibiting some fireworks.
KUSA - According to Colorado law, some types of fireworks are legal to possess and others are illegal. Under Colorado law 12-28-101, any device that explodes or leaves the ground is probably illegal in Colorado. This includes firecrackers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, M-80s and Roman Candles. Permissible fireworks do not leave the ground or explode. This includes cone fountains, sparklers, toy smoke devices, snakes and glow worms. Towns and counties in Colorado may have more restrictive fireworks laws. Contact your local police or sheriff departments for laws in your community. It is illegal in Colorado for anyone under 16 years of age to own or use fireworks. Fines for violating Colorado fireworks laws can be up to $750 and six months in jail. I hope if my neighbors decide to set of illegal fireworks this year they take them somewhere away from my house. Not only is there a danger from fire, but they leave a mess all over my yard, that my neighbors never think about cleaning up after they shoot off their exploding and flying fireworks. I will call law enforcement this year.


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