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On Editorial: Take a number


David Moore 4 years, 11 months ago

I have a PO box for my business along with a street address for everything else. I have received more mail for the past 5 users of my PO box than I have for myself. Despite putting all this mail in the "mis-delivered mail" slot at the office, it still finds it's way back into my box. Why don't they do what our postal carrier does at our community box and put the damn name on the working end of the box that owns it? I got the evil eye the other day after returning a parcel that had been delivered to my PO box 7 times, each time I put it in the "mis-delivered mail" box only to have it end up in my box once again. This is not that complex, so therefore I don't understand the complexity, it's my box now, if it does not have my name on it, put it somewhere else (place left open to the imagination). The USPS is losing out to the other competitors (UPS, Fed-EX), does treating your customers like they are sheep going to win that business back? Ahhhhhh, no. We are people, treat us as such and you might see us using you more often. I really don't like going to the post office and dealing with the counter people, it's hit and miss, some are nice (usually the ladies) and some are rude as heck (the men). The DMV is a whole other nightmare, I got my license renewed online just to avoid it.


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