WrestlinRockies 3 years, 12 months ago

"Archie told council members. “What the paper didn’t quote is Moffat County has been statistically shown to be one of the most unhealthiest places to live on account of the smoking and drinking."

??? Archie...get a life!!!!

Just be truthful and tell everyone this is a matter of you most likely being a biased bigot and nothing else.

Your quote about active and healthy living in this county is so off base....try pointing a finger in the right direction, back at yourself and the thousand of other lazy parents here that don't really care if their kids make it out of Craig.....STUCK IN A CYCLE AND YOU LOVE IT! The school system is at greater fault for making your kids a fat lazy little twerp than the nightclub owner ever will be.

He has every ounce of Rights guaranteed to him by powers much grater than yours to open that business, just as you unfortunately do to open that fecal spewing mouth of yours.


myopinion1 3 years, 12 months ago

The pettition is a two way street, let's get a pettition for this license. Give the guy a chance. All this stuff about the noise and fights is foolish talk and just another reason for these hotel people to stop yet more progress for Craig! As I stated before;" there has already been dances at this location, and no complaints about noise." Again as far as I know, this is the only club or bar in town with security in place.


craignative 3 years, 12 months ago

I still believe they guy lied. Therefore he can't be trusted.

When you bring a bar in, no matter the location, there will be fights and noise.

The non alcoholic dances are probably quicernaras (sp) for teenage girls anyways.

I can almost bet there are very few fights and noise complaints from an empty building as we speak. However, I can gurantee there will be more illegal activity if a bar is opened there since there will be people drinking and doing "other" things!!


craignative 3 years, 12 months ago

Wrestlinrockies: Also, Archie has every right to speak his opinion. Did you speak yours at the meeting? Probably not.

Let people have their own opinions without the trash talk, especially against ones own children.


jwow12 3 years, 12 months ago

Wow....I was reading the comments from yesterday's article and today's, I find that really sad that we are in 2012 and there are still people out there that use racist comments to bring others down. I fully support victor for trying to do something diffrent and help people find a good place to have fun. I think that people judge him without even knowing who he really is. The things that he has a record for happened almost 12 yrs. ago. He is a good husband and a great dad. People are not perfect and we all make mistakes all the time, hey even the president of the US makes mistakes. Mr. Tarango has made his mistakes and has paid the price he deseves a second chance. As for the comments about him selling alcohol to children that is such an ignorant comment I can't beleive how that idiotic thought comes to someone. There are liquor stores and bars everywhere and that does not happen so why do you think Victor will do diffrently? O and the comment about the "amigos" peeing on the post office box that is just plain offensive. There are people who are awful and vadilize things but you can't stereo type and make everyone to be that way. I have attended two of his dances and I did not see anything offensive or illigal happen. I had a great time and he had security there and everyone was having fun. The hispanics are not animals so stop treating them like one. So i really hope that the people who made those racist comments are not teaching there children to think and act that way they are just adding to the visious cycle of racism in this world. I strongly believe that Victor should be given this chance and if he make horrible mistakes there are consiquences and he will have to deal with them, and then everyone can make their judgments so what is the problem????? Please don't judge everyone for others mistakes.


Marilynn Hill 3 years, 11 months ago

Okay, so my comments never appeared, will try this one again; weird because I never attacked anyone like others have in this blog...

What I don't understand about the comments here is that many are up in arms that the establishment is so close to a school and residential area and then promptly forgetting that a liquor store is just on the corner of the Post Office property…let's just shut that down as well. I didn't know that Tarango's Night Club was going to operate during school hours; that is new to me.

From my understanding about the filing for the license, this establishment is for those aged 21 and over. How is the 'policing' of this age limit any different at this location than it would be at anywhere else where liquor is served, including the Popular Bar, etc?

The amigos 'peeing' on any property just made me cringe at the stereotyping. Drunk people no matter what their nationality do stupid and inappropriate things, etc., but if you are going to be drunk you are not going to only do it at one establishment. I have been to Mathers Bar on more than one occasion and saw many drunk people and even was there once when Mr. Mathers himself threw someone out of the bar into the parking lot because they had had one too many and they looked plainly 'white' to me.

Seems like a witch hunt to me and a whole lot of judging going on. Why don't we start policing our own children and teaching them right and wrong instead of shutting down or not even allowing an establishment to open because of what our children might or might not do; it is called self control. Why punish everyone for inability of a few who cannot or choose not to control their alcohol intake?


lonelyone 3 years, 11 months ago

WrestlinRockies, I find your comments about Archie to be very rude. I really think you could have made your point without saying some of the things you did. I am neither for nor against this nightclub. We no longer go to bars or if we do, it's for happy hour and a bit of visiting with friends before the night life gets going. I also don't know the man who wants to open this nightclub, so I don't know whether to believe any of the comments about him or not. And it doens't matter what I think anyway. Living in the county doesn't allow me a say in what the city does even if it might affect me!


jwow12 3 years, 11 months ago

Has Mr.Tarago given a statement and admitted that he lied? What if did not understand the question? It was 10 years since he had those charges.


cag81625 3 years, 11 months ago

Wow, Wrestlin, do you save that venom for anyone taking an opposing viewpoint to yours? I'm sure you're the apple of your mommas eye and loved by all.


greenie52 3 years, 11 months ago

Hey ranger520 your comment was posted at 11:49 am and your at work . Why dont you get off of here and go fix something on one of the units and don't try and lie that your not at work!


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