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There is no job more important than teaching our children how to take care of our future! It is mind boggling to think that a baseball player or an actor makes MILLIONS, and teachers are expected to eke out a living on a comparitively meager salary.


AlMoncrief 4 years, 12 months ago



The group fighting the Colorado Legislature’s theft of contracted pension benefits ( posted a Colorado Court of Appeals schedule on their website today (as follows):

“We have received notice of the following scheduled dates for the lawsuit: 4/23/12 – Appellees to Supplement Record 5/29/12 – Appellee’s Answering Brief 6/12/12 – Appellant’s Reply Brief

PERA and the State of Colorado are the appellees. Gary R. Justus et al are the appellants.”

Saveperacola also posted a request for help from Colorado PERA members, retirees and any others who support the rule of law in the United States. Saveperacola is raising funds for attorney fees to combat the theft of retirement benefits that were earned by PERA members over decades.

Are you a PERA member or retiree? Have you paid into PERA for many years? Do you expect the Colorado Legislature and Colorado PERA to honor their contractual obligations to you?

Well, your expectations are not grounded in reality.

It is pathetic, but the Colorado Legislature and Colorado PERA will not honor their legal commitments to you short of a court order. That has become quite clear during Colorado PERA’s political, legal and lobbying campaigns.

If Colorado PERA members and retirees do not act, our interests will be brushed aside.

The Colorado Legislature and Colorado PERA are trying to use the volatility of investment markets to justify their breach of contracts. Remember that Colorado PERA members and retirees are members of a defined benefit plan. They do not bear any “market risk.” In a defined benefit pension, “market risk” is borne by the sponsors of the plan, that is, the State of Colorado and Colorado local governments. The Colorado Legislature and Colorado PERA want to retroactively change the terms of our statutory pension contract.

Here’s a quote from the new post on the saveperaacola website:

“Remember, the bottom line here is that unless we prevail in this lawsuit, PERA is off the hook for keeping the promises it made to every member and retiree.”

What can you do? Go to the website, click on the “Support” tab, and send them a contribution. Call or e-mail every PERA member and retiree you know and ask them send support. Call your public employee union representatives and ask them how they can stand idly by while the Colorado Legislature attempts to breach its contracts with public employees. Colleagues of our public sector union officials across the country are aggressively defending the pension rights of their union members. What has happened in Colorado is truly bizarre. To follow developments in the Colorado pension theft lawsuit sign up as a Friend of Save Pera Cola on Facebook.

Have your friends sign up as Friends of Save Pera Cola. Copy this post and e-mail it to PERA members and retirees you know.


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