foxy1 5 years ago

This has to be a belated April Fools day prank....


toad 4 years, 12 months ago

So glad they can have cook offs and pancake breakfasts. So nice they contribute to the community. As far as providing great that is a joke. I shouldn't say that actually, I have never been admitted to this hospital. I tried, I scheduled a surgery and everything was set up, until I went in the day before. I was told I had to pay $1,500 up front or they wouldn't do surgery. I have insurance and never in my life have I ever been told I had to pay anything upfront to be admitted into a hospital. ( I have never been in Craig's hospital, so I don't have an outstanding bill) So, of course I go to Steamboat. I pay $300, have surgery that day, by the same doctor that would have done it in Craig and for about $4,000 cheaper. I don't understand how the two hospitals could charge such a staggering difference in price. Same surgery, same doctor. But Craig hospital wants cash up front and to charge thousands more. I think they are losing money instead of making money. But they have good times with the employees and that's what counts. I will spend my money elsewhere.


Jon Pfeifer 4 years, 12 months ago

I have not met a satisfied employee of TMH. I have met a lot of people who are terrified of the management at the hospital, who, I am told, act tyrannically with regard to employees and have employees walking on eggshells constantly. I also have been told that many of the most competent employees are chased out of TMH by management, as if there is some sort of jealousy driving these administrators. I do know that we are losing some wonderful doctors who would never think of returning to work at TMH with the present administration.


honualoalo 4 years, 12 months ago

Obviously, you have not met nor conferred with many Employees of TMH. Unless you have worked there you have no place to talk on it's employment "problems". I have been employed there for over a year and yes, like the previous jobs in my lifetime it does have it's ups and downs. However, I am of the mindset a company should be concerned with it's employees work and the quality of it. If a person is not doing their job, perhaps they shouldnt be doing it at all anymore. Just a statement from a 'terrorized' and 'terrified' employee who is perfectly happy there. And I am proud of the work we do, you should try and work in Healthcare sometime... it is not all 'Butterflies and Roses'.

P.S. Healthcare facilties are not Medical Swap Meets - You can't barter for a procedure. Nor can you walk into a Car Dealership, take the highest priced car on the lot and not expect to put money down on it. Or walk into Walmart, do your monthly grocery shopping and walk out without paying. I am sorry that Healthcare is also a business; it's practices are the best we can do with what we are given.


Nadja Rider 4 years, 12 months ago

All my interactions with various hospital staff has been positive and cheerful, from the lab to x-ray to the smiling faces at the front desk.

I don't know how they compare costwise, however if you have insurance, your insurance company will negotiate the price with any hospital for the exact same procedure.

The only complaint I have with our hospital - and it's a complaint I've had for many years, is the check-in process. It's ok if no one is waiting, but if there are people ahead of you, it can sometimes take a while.


Colette Erickson 4 years, 12 months ago

Honu - That is one of the biggest problems w/ health care in the US - that it is a business, and profit driven.


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