George Robertson 5 years ago

"Given this random sampling of different occupations and backgrounds, the board can be viewed as a metric of popular opinion" You are giving yourselves FAR to much credit! Most would view you as a group of whiners.


selket42 5 years ago

So, basically what the board has stated is since we can't figure out a perfect solution, lets agree to do absolutely nothing. I work in the retail industry that sees hundreds of transactions using food stamps (quest card), and many of them are supporting people who are in a tight spot and need assistance. Those are becoming fewer and fewer it seems. The shift in users of the food stamp program is a little disturbing. We have able bodied young men using food stamps to buy their lunches for work, ( girl friends card?). We have women with their third or fourth baby born while mom or dad has no job and seems to have no intention of getting one, and yes we do have a good number of out and out drunks using food stamps. Not to mention the many non english speaking persons who are using food stamps to buy groceries, then using crisp $100's to buy the non-food items. The system is so loosely monitored that anybody can use anybodies card if the PIN number is shared. Is that fraud? Probably. But there is nobody checking it. So maybe the idea of a random drug test to ALL food stamp receipients is an inconvenient concept, and maybe we won't have 100% screening success, but it would probably discourage some people from blatent abuse of the system. If they pop a hot drug test, offer treatment assistance, but put a time limit on it. Maybe require an identification check when the card is used, like some credit cards require ID. Something. Anything. The current set up is ripping off tax paying, working people. And I don't care if it offends a few people. I am offended that my tax money is so obviously being wasted.


jamcolo 5 years ago

The cost of a urine drug test runs from $25 for cheap test to over $75. All of them can be beaten with not to much cost.

A few years ago a professional basketball player was busted with a drug test beating device,which consists of a fake penis,drug free urine, a heater and a bladder.

I believe a quick goggle search would freak most people out. The drug war this country been losing for years done not need more costly laws. Lets stop throwing money at a symptom and start working on the real problem. GOOD PAYING JOBS!


jamcolo 4 years, 12 months ago

Florida welfare drug testing results for one year. 98% passed the drug test. Cost of test $178 million Percent that did not pass 2% Saving to the state for that 2% 60,000 for the year. Conclusion: Winner: Drug testing companies Losers: Tax payers of Florida.


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