serenity9700 5 years ago

Your story makes me wonder, Mr. Scranton, if our students aren't being challenged enough to prepare them for life after high school.

When my daughter was in elementary school I was glad she had teachers who assigned homework. I thought that was good preparation for the workload she would get in secondary school. Little did I realize that "homework" would slowly become non-existent as she went through CMS and into MCHS.

As my younger son has gone through elementary, there has been no homework in sight. What does this mean? That the teaching is more efficient?

My daughter does not care about her grades. A sign of her age, sure, but when I look at the campus portal and see in one semester of algebra the assignments listed equal MAYBE one month's worth of the work I had to do when I was that age I have to wonder what there is for her to care about.

What pride is there in a job well done when the job was too easy? Is that what it means when you say "every student will graduate?" The story of your former student could be quite it just too easy at MCHS?


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